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Symposium (Main Congress)

AFCC Main Congress with additional Pre Congress Symposium

International Workshop & Course Schedule

WorkshopLocal DelegateOverseas Delegate
Cardiac Auscultation and Physical ExaminationIDR 2.000.000USD 200
Cardiorespiratory Management in Cardiac Critical Care (Cardiologist)IDR 2.000.000USD 200
Chronic Vein Insufficiency (Cardiologist)IDR 2.000.000USD 200
Stable Angina & Hypertension in Daily Clinical PracticeIDR 2.000.000USD 200
What's New In Blood Pressure Measurement : An ABPM Course (merged into Stable Angina and Hypertension in Dialy Clinical Practice)IDR 2.000.000USD 200
Chronic Total Occlusion (Cardiologist)IDR 2.000.000USD 200
EECPIDR 2.000.000USD 200
Peri Operative CV CareIDR 2.000.000USD 200
Critical Cardiovascular NursingIDR 2.000.000USD 200
Fetal Cardiology (Cardiologist, Pediatricts, Obgyn)IDR 4.000.000USD 300
Heart FailureIDR 2.000.000USD 200
Cardiac Imaging (Cardiologist)IDR 2.000.000USD 200
Echocardiography (Cardiologist)IDR 2.000.000USD 200
Advances Management of ACSIDR 2.000.000USD 200
Scrub Nursing (care of patient following cardiac cath) (Nurse, CV Technician, Radiographer)IDR 2.000.000USD 200
Arrythmia in Family Practice : Interpretation to ManagementIDR 2.000.000USD 200
Holter ECG, indication and interpretationIDR 2.000.000USD 200
Allied Profesional EPIDR 2.000.000USD 200
Comprehensive ECG from Basic to Masterclass (merged from Basic Understanding of ECG, Masterclass ECG, Bradycardia Management)IDR 2.000.000USD 200
ECG Masterclass (merged into WS on Comprehensive ECG)IDR 2.000.000USD 200
Management of Bradycardia and Conduction Delay (Merged into WS on Comprehensive ECG)IDR 2.000.000USD 200
Update on Atrial Fibrillation : Treatment and Risk ReductionIDR 2.000.000USD 200


  • Student / Resident / Nurses / Paramedics will be required to submit a document certifying their status at their organizations and duly signed by their department heads.
  • All workshop delegates should be registered as congress delegate

Terms & Condition

  1. Registration must be completed prior to payment or transfer
  2. Full Payment registration should be made as follows :
    • For International delegate payment should be made through website
    • For local delegate payment should be made by bank transfer to
      • Acc Name : PP PERKI.ASMIHA
      • Acc Number : 117 – 000 – 777 – 8822
      • Bank : Mandiri KCP Harapan Kita
  3. Open for confirm payment, and upload the copy bank transfer receipt or email the copy bank and booking code to
  4. After receiving both valid registration and payment form, a registration confirmation will be sent back to participants. Please show  this confirmation to the registration desk when you come for Re-Registration.
  5. Fees apply only upon receipt of registration and payment before the given deadline (Fees apply according to the date of payment or transfer).
  6. Changing or substitution of the participant’s name will only be accepted until July 1st, 2019.
  7. There will be no refund.
  8. Those who have not registered in advance may register at the On-site Registration Desk.
  9. Main Symposium registration is a prerequisite for all Pre-Congress & workshop participants.
  10. Online registration will be closed at 00.00 on September 9, 2019.
  11. Onsite Registration will be available September 19, 2019 at ICE BSD City, Jakarta